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VISUAL WORKSHOP is the ANSWERS product designed to: Prepare and verify models, Launch jobs and View Results for the MONK, MCBEND, RANKERN, and WIMS codes.

Interactive 3D and 2D Ray Trace Displays

The 2D and 3D ray trace displays use the same routines to generate the images as the analysis codes use to run the Monte Carlo calculations. This gives the analyst a high level of confidence that the model being displayed is an exact representation of the model used for the calculation.

The 2D and 3D ray trace displays are interactive and ray traced in real time allowing the analyst to easily navigate the model.

Individual materials or volumes can be selectively included, excluded or rendered transparent in the 3D ray trace.

The display can automatically detect and indicate errors in the model such as undefined or multiply defined volumes.

Moving the mouse pointer over the model provides feedback in model co-ordinates and creation of measurement lines enables production of images with dimensions for inclusion in reports.

Additional code dependent features can be displayed using overlays; these include Source bodies, Dose points Importance mesh, Scoring mesh, Forced Flight interfaces, Scatter/Reflect bodies and particle tracks.

Interactive 3D Wire Frame with Results Display

Displays the geometry bodies used to construct the model. Wire frame, solid and transparent display options are available as well as cut-away planes and selective exclusion of parts of the model which can aid understanding of the geometry construction.

VISUAL WORKSHOP can scan output files, extract available results and display them on the new 3D Wireframe View.

3D contour plots, 2D contour plots and 2D cell plot displays are available to display results which include MCBEND Flux and Response results scored on an XYZ or RTZ splitting mesh and RANKERN Scatter Contributions.

System Requirements

VISUAL WORKSHOP is available for Windows PCs and Linux. For more information, see the full system requirements.

Further Information

For further information contact the ANSWERS Customer Support Team.

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