Our Codes

The ANSWERS Software Service supplies high quality software and consultancy services for customers world-wide in the areas of reactor physics, radiation shielding, dosimetry, nuclear criticality, well logging and nuclear data.

MCBEND - A Monte Carlo program for general radiation transport.

MCBEND can be used for radiation transport problems in shield design, dosimetry and industrial applications. Users benefit from the ease of model specification and the efficiency of MCBEND's automatic acceleration techniques.

MONK® - A Monte Carlo program for nuclear criticality safety and reactor physics analyses.

Its advanced geometry modelling capability and detailed continuous energy collision modelling treatments provide realistic 3D models for an accurate simulation of neutronic behaviour to provide the best estimate of neutron multiplication factor, k-effective.

RANKERN - A Point-Kernel program for gamma ray transport solutions.

RANKERN's rapid calculation allows the user to fully explore design variations in order to optimise the shield design.

WIMS - A general purpose reactor physics program for core physics calculations.

WIMS can provide simple pin cell calculations of reactivity to whole core estimates of power and flux distributions.

The user can benefit from the flexibility of using predefined calculational routes or providing customised methods of solution using diffusion theory, discrete-ordinates, collision probability, characteristics or Monte Carlo methods.

PANTHER - A leading neutron diffusion and thermal hydraulics code for the analysis of any thermal reactor core.

PANTHER performs all types of reactor calculation, fuel management, safety transient analysis and on-line operational support using full consistent models with reference accuracy. Users can benefit from a modern software package which has been developed over the past 10 years by EDF Energy.

FISPIN - A Code for Nuclide Inventory Calculations.

FISPIN calculates the changes in the numbers of atoms of the nuclides of various species – heavy isotopes or actinides, fission products, and structural or activation materials – as a sample of nuclear fuel element is subjected to periods of irradiation and cooling.

FISPIN is developed in collaboration with NNL.

VISUAL WORKSHOP - The ANSWERS Product Designed to Prepare and Verify Models & Launch Jobs.

VISUAL WORKSHOP is the graphical support tool for MCBEND, MONK, RANKERN and WIMS.

PUNDIT- An interactive graphical tool for setting up and performing MCBEND calculations for nuclear logging tools in realistic downhole environments.

PUNDIT has been tailored for Pulsed Neutron Logging and can incorporate validated commercial logging tool models.

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