Customer Support

Customer support is of vital importance. We recognise this and it is our top priority. You'll receive all the support you need to help you make optimum use of your ANSWERS Software. This specialised service is based on our expertise acquired over more than thirty years.


If you need help you can turn to our helpline, manned by experts who can be contacted by telephone, fax or e-mail. Help can be given on all aspects - from loading the software onto your computer to a nuclear data query. Every call is logged and monitored to ensure a prompt response.

Meet our team...


Computer based workshops, tailored to meet your learning requirements, are available to optimise your use of ANSWERS Software. Our courses cover both Introductory and Advanced aspects associated with the Software.


We hold an annual users seminar on Reactor Physics, Shielding and Criticality. Users benefit from meeting other users, hearing user presentations, learning about the latest code enhancements and hands on training in relaxing surroundings close to the Dorset coastline.

Software Updates

We are committed to continually improving the software and incorporating enhancements to help the user. Customers can receive the latest version of the software as it is released.

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