A code that provides a quick prediction of neutron porosity tool response

PC2, an approximate neutron diffusion code for fast forward modelling of neutron logging tools. In PC2 the tool and its environment are modelled exactly using a 3D geometry package. The detector responses are calculated using neutron diffusion theory in a user-defined orthogonal mesh which overlays the geometry of the problem. The diffusion constants used in PC2 have been optimised for neutron porosity tools.

PC2 allows the user to quickly characterise tool response and answer 'what-if' problems. Its rapid calculation allows the user to fully explore tool design variations and to generate environmental correction curves quickly

The same geometry package is used in PC2 as in the Monte Carlo Code MCBEND, so a tool model generated in PC2 can be used directly in MCBEND. This enables reference calculation to be easily achieved.

PC2 has been validated against MCBEND and good agreement in predicted apparent porosity achieved.

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